Diets: healthy and unhealthy ones

Let’s be honest: not every advise seems to be healthy. Let’s do a small test here:

The 2 Week Diet


And… ?? Time to read on?

Of all of my personal Top 10 excuses for not eating healthy, my favorite is the one that kept me off of healthy foods for the longest time: healthy diets are weird. It’s a fact.

One of the first weird ideas I ever read about actually got me started eating brown rice, so I’ve got that at least to thank it for. Brown rice is the rice equivalent to brown bread. Not bleached, not overly processed, brown rice contains all of the nutrients rice is meant to have. That doesn’t mean that you should make your goal in life a brown rice only meal, though.

Non Appealing Diet

A long time ago, in the 1920s, a guy named Arnold Ehret published a series of books about mucusless dieting. He advocated going on long fasts. His personal favorite was the grape juice fast. I have no idea whether or not his theory works, because just the thought of fasting makes me hungry.


The 2 Week Diet is the diet program for safe, rapid weight loss. Based on a decade of scientific research, it promises 8-16 pounds of body fat in just 14 days.

Brian Flatt created this remarkable program. As a trainer, weight loss coach, and nutritionist, he grew tired of seeing clients constantly losing the “battle of the bulge.”

The 2 Week Diet succeeds where other weight loss systems fail because it addresses cellular inflammation, which is the real cause of weight gain, but also because it corrects the questionable information many dieters receive from the mainstream dieting industry.

The 2 Week Diet



The Breatharians take the cake for the weirdest way of eating healthy. They advocate progressively eliminating all foods from your list until eventually you can live on – you guessed it – breath alone. It’s what monks in the HImalaya are able to do. Maybe we better not try this one…

These are some of the most radical advises about eating healthy I’ve read about. Just about every year, a new fad book hits the market. I used to eat these books up, metaphorically speaking. I don’t anymore. They just made me feel guilty and later confused, when the next generation of books contradicted what the earlier one said.

Common sense

One thing both common sense and all the health food diets have in common is that they recommend eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. They also advocate plant proteins over meat proteins.

Another thing they all say should be a no brainer: stay away from processed foods and all foods that contain artificial ingredients. Artificial ingredients are laboratory produced ingredients. As far as I know, our bodies are not artificially produced and we didn’t evolve over millions of years to be able to adequately digest all those artificial additives.

Finally, one day it hit me: the hands down weirdest diet on the planet is the junk food diet. The only reason it doesn’t seem weird is because almost everyone is on a junk food diet. That revelation made me reassess my whole approach to diet and health. As long as I kept plugging away at replacing fast foods and junk foods with healthy, natural foods, I was on the right track.

I no longer snicker when I hear about a weird health food diet. I save my snickers for when the commercial comes on that tries to tell me that the chocolate bar by the same name is something a sane person should crave. My personal diet motto today is, “Keep it natural, honey” and it seems to be working.

Dont take any risks and try something that others have already proven to be right:

The 2 Week Diet


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