Healthy Food:

Why should we eat healthy and the Top 10 reasons that we don’t..

For some of us eating healthy is difficult. We know we should choose healthy foods but there are plenty of reasons not to do so. We all know the risks.. but still we do.

This website will tell you all about healthy foods, reasons you should eat healthy but also reasons why you don’t.

I will empower you to eat healthy by giving information and help you change your habits. But of course.. only when you are interested!

That is quite an assignment, isn’t it? But no! You will start loving it!

Are you:

– fed up with dieting?
– but still over weighted?
– not the best cook in town?
– never in the mood to spend much time on cooking?
– and you love junk food..?
– you don’t like to spend much money on food..?

Read on, you are not the only one!

I want to tell you everything about dieting and why it doesn’t work. In the end you’re always back to where you started. And still over weighted..

I want to show you how to make eating healthy your new lifestyle, by a step-by-step method. Healthy Food is easy to integrate in your life.

I want to help you with simple recipes, easy to make tasty food. Healthy food does not have to be complex or expensive..


I want to tell you stories of the people I know and how they manage to eat healthy. I want you to contact these people and exchange your experiences, good or bad..

I want to show you all the benefits of eating healthy and especially of the healthy feeling you get, finding yourself worthwile.

I´ll give you advise how to start the day with a healthy breakfast, how to make a good lunch and a perfect diner in a short time. And I’ll even reveal some secrets – because you like it – about the healthy snacks you can have. All healthy and.. tasty!

There is of course also healthy fruit and drinks. And if you want I can advise you about the drinks that are not too healthy.. but I think you already know. But maybe I can help with good alternatives.

If you are interested in the theory, I’ll provide you with it: the healthy food pyramid, the contents of food and the way the body works.

Healthy Food Pyramid

And if you have a question and you can’t find the answer on my site: please let me know.. I’ll do anything to get it for you!

But first of all I’ll hand you the Top 10 reasons of not eating healthy. See if you recognize them…

Top Ten Reasons for Not Eating Healthy Foods

We all know that it is better to eat healthy than to eat junk foods, but not many of us make the switch. Some of the reasons are so ridiculous, they’re funny. Others are so absurd, they’re almost scary. Anyway, do any of these sound like you?

Your Belief System about Food

1. Fast food is cheap
2. I’m a lousy cook
3. Junk food tastes good
4. Healthy foods don’t taste good
5. I love chocolate (or ice cream or . . .)
6. Fast food is fast
7. All my friends eat at fast food restaurants and I
don’t want to be left out
8. Healthy food diets are too weird
9. My favorite actress/supermodel eats junk food, so
why shouldn’t I?
10. If junk food was that bad for you, wouldn’t they outlaw it?

Like you, most of us don’t sit down and think about the pros and cons of these arguments. It’s more like they sit there inside of us like little devils and whisper in our ears whenever they get the chance. Let’s say it’s a Monday and we sleep in and have to rush to work. We really want that extra ten minutes of sleep, so when the alarm goes off in the morning, that little voice whispers, “Don’t worry, fast food is fast, you can grab a burger during your lunch break.” The horrors of what’s inside the “mystery meat” of a fast food burger aside, I’d much rather spend my short lunch break sitting under a tree in a park eating a whole grain sandwich than inside a fast food outlet eating a greasy burger.

Sure, you love chocolate and ice cream. So what? They might not qualify as health foods, but in moderation there’s nothing wrong with them. The problem there is with that little voice, that tries to tell us because we’ve eaten one chocolate bar, we might as well give up on healthy eating altogether. Do you see how ridiculous that is?

Realistic GOALS

As for your favorite actress or supermodel: it’s not as if eating junk food is going to make you look like her, is it? She probably has a million bad habits. Is taking up any of them going to make us famous, too? I seriously doubt it, but that’s what the little voice inside tries to tell me.
Do you know what friends talk about when they are together at a fast food restaurant? They almost always talk about how they should all being eating healthy instead of the junk food that’s on their plates. Is that crazy or what? We’ve really got to get together and take a stand against our collective laziness.
Do you want to start eating healthy? Here’s an idea. Do what I just did and write down your Top Ten reasons for not eating healthy foods. When you see them there in front of you, like I just did, you’ll see how incredibly stupid they are. Then, next time that little voice of temptation whispers in your ear, you can tell it where to go.

Let’s GO for it! Eat healthy and Tasty!

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